Check and find elements with values that does not match required values

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Is it possible to prevent people from writing new values in a parameter with pre-defined values (from key schedule)? Maybe there is a way to lock it?

@vlad.aleksandrovs ,

we do it via Solibri… we check our parameters via option-sets.
f.e. “A”,“B”,“C” is acceptible else is an error.

keyschedules make just sence when the values are really during the whole process are not changed as instance.



@Draxl_Andreas ,

Thank you for the reply!

I understand possibilities to check this information afterwards, but I want to prevent mistakes and/-or human factor before model submission.

Maybe it is too ambitious of me :smile:

Hi @vlad.aleksandrovs ,

This forum is oriented on Dynamo scripting. Since this is a Revit question, it would be more suitable to ask this question on the Revit forum. (And you would probably have more luck getting help too)

PS: I don’t think “locking” or preventing users from filling in “wrong” values through Dynamo is possible. Dynamo could perhaps be of assist highlighting objects with wrong values after they have been already filled in, but it seems like that isn’t the idea you have in mind.

Hi @Daan ,

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, even Revit forums have no answers to this question. However, self-check script for users could be an option to minimize mistakes on model submission.

I have renamed this topic due to new approach.

Perhaps, something similar can be done as described in this topic - How to find elements with incorrect parameter values? - #3 by LievX. Check all walls in project for values written under “Wall Side” parameter, and show those ones with values not matching “A”, “B” or “NA”, or missing value at all.

Hi @vlad.aleksandrovs !

We can use Key Schedule, where we create values.
You can’t add new values in Room Shedule (2022 but it works in 2019 too):
Key_Schedules.rvt (468 KB)

I have faced problem with String.Contains node not ignoring “NA” value. Maybe it is not supposed to, I do not know.

Anyway, is there a node or script to assign various rules (values) which then script will check and give list of elements with mismatching values?

Additionally, does anyone knows name of last node from this image “NN SelectInRevit”?

That’s because it’s a boolean input. Should the check ignore case? Yes or no? True or false? A string I believe gets treated as a true boolean.

That’s kind of the whole reason for writing your own. There’s no node or script with a one-size-fits-all solution for checking conditions. You build it by defining those conditions in your graph.

The little “NN” icon denotes that it’s from the Springs package.