Changing the Energy Model - Building Services?

Can we adjust the values in the HVAC system?

For example the chiller COP (assuming they are annual COP values) are about what you'd get for a chiller plus cooling towers. If we were considering a packaged fridge plant, the system would be similar but the COP lower, so can we just change that one value?

Is there any opportunuity to add systems to the list?

I'm interested in looking at CHP, or an air source heat pump, both of which have a higher 'boiler eff' than the ones suggested, or a ground source heat pump - which could have a better cooling COP.

Thank you for your reply Lilli. Will this be something you will possibly develop in the future?

At this time we don’t have the ability to adjust HVAC values or add systems. You would need to export your gbXML and take it into another program.