Change Tag Family Type By Value


Created a basic script this morning to swap out tag types. Since the Tag’s content is based on the family’s type mark, I couldn’t use GetParameterValuebyName node for it. Just wondering if there is a way to filter out specific Tags based on the Type Mark information.


Hi @Kevin_Shen
I am not sure if i understood you properly. Is this what your looking for?

Hi Kulkul,

When we do multi-category tags, we have different office tag shapes based on joinery types, fixture types & etc…
The end goal of this exercise is to specify tag types based on type mark content, and allow them to categorize with the same tag shape. Say all tags contains “MX” will have an oval shape.

See example attached

Tag Type

Since its the type mark comes from the family itself rather than the tag, how should I approach the filtering process and link back to the tag?


Could you drop dummy rvt file with all the tags in it.

Please find dummy file attached.
I have assigned two types multi-category tags, one for the kitchen type and one for the fixtures.


Sample File.rvt (800 KB)

@Kevin_Shen Are you looking to group Tags by type or by Value?


By value, that is excatly what i was looking for, thanks for your help! :grin::grin:

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Glad you got the solution!

Please mark it as such so others can refer back here in the future.