Change Sub Categories of elements by family type in family

How can i access family types in a family? I am missing the connecting node it feels.

Orchid nodes finds the family types and returns the names, but i can’t connect these to any of the OOTB Node family types to get the elements.

The family types drop down is empty and the family type by name gives back a warning.

What’s the output from FamilyType.All? What would happen if you connect its output to All Elements of Family Type? @Matt_Gaydon

Ah yeah sorry should have posted up another image with that test, i did that first but as it failed i changed workflow. As you can see what Orchid outputs is not what Dynamo Revit OOTB node wants. (See error)

Maybe its something that could be scripted, but as its a simple change i though it would be something that could be done with OOTB nodes.

@Matt_Gaydon check this out: