Change Rooms Parameter by Group in them


i’m have unit types as groups and each unit is set up as a room, and i’m trying to filter the groups that have wheelchair in them so i can modify the room parameter to Accessible. this graph below, used to work in revit 2017 and dynamo 1.3. but now i’m trying it on revit 2019 and dynamo 2.0. one of the nodes, Room.isinsidepoint is not working. anyone can help please? thanks

Swap the red node for the OOTB one.

i did and the result is Empty List.

Might want to drop some more info on this thread. Sample RVT, DYN, etc. would be great.

there must be something wrong with element.getlocation or room.isinsideroom

You might need to mess with the lacing. Another option is to use Select.GetRoomAtPoint from the archilab package. This would eliminate a number of nodes from the back end of your graph too.

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thank you so much, this worked!