Change profile parameter and save in folder

Hi there,
i’m hoping to get some advice for this graph

what i 'm trying to do:
change the profile parameter based on excel data
and sweep
and save the changed profile in the folder…

so i use the node element.set parameterby name and family…
but don’t work!
how can i do?

thank you anyway

It would help if you shared the entire graph, or at least a full picture with previews available. I’d venture a guess your trying to set the Profile using the wrong data type. Typically those need an ElementId of the profile Type to set them.

[02.Tunnel Mass+change parameter_jihye(v.210826).dyn|attachment]라이닝1.xlsx (372.2 KB)02.Tunnel Mass+change parameter_jihye(v.210826).dyn (481.2 KB)

@SeanP Thank you very much