Change part of a name in multiple elements

Hi everyone! Sorry for my English. This message has been automatically translated.

I am working on the template for my study. It turns out that currently the study is going to change its name, and I need someone to tell me if there is any way to be able to change that part of the name of the study in all the categories in which it appears. If someone can enlighten me I would be very grateful.

Thank you.

Hola a todos! Disculpen por mi inglés. Este mensaje ha sido traducido automáticamente.
Estoy trabajando en la plantilla para mi estudio. Resulta que actualmente el estudio va a cambiar de nombre, y necesito que alguien me diga si hay alguna manera para poder cambiar esa parte del nombre del estudio en todos las categorías en el que aparezca. Si alguien puede iluminarme estaría muy agradecido.


Hi ManuAr,

Could you maybe share a little bit more information about the software you are trying to change this information in? Do you want to change this information in Revit?

If you do want to change this in Revit please share a sample of your Input, and preferred output. :slight_smile:

Please provide screenshots.