Change direction of my curve

Hello, can you help me?
I need join points in other direction like on picture. I use list transpose for this but it is not work. Where I make a mistake?
Tahnk you

DB_Ocelova_Hala_AKP.dyn (59.1 KB)

Hi @Michal_Nagy,
Use “Geometry.Rotate” node to change direction.

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Tahnk you so muchy.

@Kulkul can I ask you one more question?
Do you know something about structural column justification? I need get my column to centre but it is not work correctly.
Thank you

@Michal_Nagy You need to feed elements to “SetParameterByName” node. Currently your feeding values in it. And also use flatten node for your elements.

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@Kulkul Thank you so much again. :slight_smile:

@Michal_Nagy It would work if you change the lacing to Longest


Tahnk you @Vikram_Subbaiah for your advice.

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