Chamfer solid


Hi , i have problem with chamfer solids option . When I select edge in solid reometry , dynamo dont recognize like a “edge”-It is line. How i should convert this element to edges??


Maybe there is a much simpler solution, but I would solve it like this. Unfortunately I can’t upload the .dyn file.


The index of value 0 from a Geometry.DistanceTo node should work instead of comparing x, y, and z values for all points.


“Equals” should work as well. Just put it in after “Curve.PointAtParameter” instead of the x, y and z compare. There are a few ways. You can also create a graph which works with multiple selected edges. Just try it out.


I think, this way is better. :smiley::smiley::smiley:


That does all edges though - they asked for just one manually selected edge. :wink: