$Cash$ Currency Importing Excel to Dynamo

I have Excel cells are Currency $Cash (ex. $100.99) that I imported to Dynamo.

The $ is remove whenever I “Watch” this column/cells the format is not in the Currency format. Instead it appears as simply a number (ex. $100.00 shows as 100, $89.99 shows as 89.99).

Is there a way to tell Dyanamo to understand this is money and to treat it as such?

Ok so sensible response… Can you not just read everything as numbers and put a $ prefix once you’re done?

Not so sensible response…

@john_pierson meme tastic…




Money isn’t a real data type, it’s just a formatting method for said data (source: the plots of Superman 3, Office Space, etc; this somewhat less snarky article)

So, if you’re ant to keep the data looking like the well formatted string, try reading the values as a string, or as @Mark.Ackerley pointed out, concert the values and then format them.

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Hi @btrout

Will this work?


I understand that money is just a number.

I’'d think there was a node or 2 that I can have off of the “ITEM” in “Cost” to convert into Cash or have a $ Prefix added. All Conversions and Prefix seems to only be measurements convert.

Correct me if I am wrong but Excel doesn’t export what number formatting you used, including prefixes, etc. So Dynamo has no way to know what Excel used when formatting a cell, meaning there is no way to know which cells should be currency, and which are just numbers.

You can use if statements to check what the headers are and format the data depending on that.