Can't create a appearance material

2019.2 dynamo

Can you upload your graph and a sample Revit file ?

kozijn_generator.rfa (2.9 MB)
kozijngenerator.dyn (327.5 KB)

It is a work in progress…making windows from lines…

I just made a very simple test with your kozijn_generator.rfa file and the Genius Loci custom nodes work fine.

I can’t speak for your python script that creates the materials.
Try first with the existing materials in your family.

strange if i setup a new test, same as you it works… will investigate some more…nodes work

thank you

the problem was that i was making a material…and Revit was probably still writing the data at the moment that i wanted to adress that data to make the appearance material…
So i made a wait for…then read all the materials again en select the newly made material…then it works fine.

I have just released a beta version of Orchid dealing with Materials and Assets, would you mind testing it?

will have a look this week

Thanks, that would be great… building those nodes is not that easy. I have had a maniac time figuring all the internal Revit units for material values… some of them are really crazy :slight_smile:

Agreed. I went through a similar struggle with a Revit plugin for a client. This AU2017 class was very helpful to me,

It was not the Visual Appearance I was struggling with.

Just to inform you, the shown example concerning Visual Appearance is being deprecated from Revit 2019… new ways of using Visual Appearance is being introduced from Revit 2019.
Thats why I am in a limbo. Either code something for Revit 2018.1 up to Revit 2019 or from 2019 and forward… In writing do I not know which way I will go.

always move forward…

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The exe from the github, are not installing the dyf files…do you also have a normal zip…

in 2.0 it makes the folder but no data, there are files in the bin and extra folder…

for 1.3 it isn’t even creating the dyf folder

Zerotouch means no dyf’s, just dll

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As @Marcel_Rijsmus writes, I have no Custom Nodes using python. All my nodes are coded as ZeroTouch nodes in C#… you cant see the code behind the work being processed!

got it…wasn’t looking carefull enough…
first impressing is very good…

The AU Class I linked to is an overall demonstration of the new materials API introduced in Revit 2018.1, not just the visual appearance. :slight_smile:

Oh wow. That stinks. This was released with Revit 2018.1 and they are deprecating it? Do you have a link to something that discusses this?

This is what I had found:

Always keep an eye on @Jeremy_Tammik :slight_smile:

Hello, I try to change appearance color but 1) I cannot find last node in genius loci, 2) last two of them are null, and I am trying to number 41 and 92 just two material not 51.can you give me advice? Thank you in advance

Hi Minyoung Chung,

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Next time please start a new topic.
If you are not yet comfortable with DesignScript, use nodes instead.
(List.GetItemAtIndex and List.Join nodes)