Cannot Set Parameter by Name. Makes hair fall out

I would like to set a visibility parameter while using UI.MultiInputForm ++.

Setting the parameter works with a code block, but I’m trying to pass a Boolean into the value.

Any help regarding this is appreciated.

Thank you

What happens if you get that item and pass it to the value? Not sure why you have all these steps between. Also make sure the object type is a “System.Boolean”

Thank you Asubike.

Here is a shot of the front end. I’m wanting the user to choose the Engineer whose seal will be visible on the corresponding discipline’s sheets. I am hoping to use the sheets prefix to assign this.

Attaching the dyn for a better view…

Sheets by Prefix.dyn (50.1 KB)

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…and the Seal is on the titleblock.

Thank you Asubike! I did what you suggested and it worked.

Sweet. As long as the Data shape node runs, you will have a true value.