Can you create a circumscribed polygon in dynamo?

Hi all, I’m new using Dynamo and I’m trying to create a polygon, but the options that I get from the geometry menu for polygon, are these:

But I do not see the option of creating a circumscribed polygon, does anyone know how to do it?

Hi, take a look at the SpaceLayout package

I am sure there are better methods, but this is the basic Compass-and-straightedge construction:

Hi Yna_Db, thanks, Already download the package you told me, but which option you use to make it circumscribed, because there is no option for that.
And that’s what you said when you said it does not work for you?

Hi Viktor, thanks, I’m going to try it, thank you very much for your help

Project its edge mid points to create a circumscribed circle.

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Viktor if it is not a problem you could send me or post the code, is that in this image I find it difficult to see well as far as the connectors.

This is my email

Thank you.

circum.dyn (18.0 KB)

Thank you very much Viktor

You could also try this

Polygon.dyn (12.6 KB)

It is based on the formula for the Side of the Circumscribed Regular polygon. Appologies for the bad formula definition, it is not the best definition but it works. It is possible to add everything in a Code Block but it is still working like this.

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Thank you very much Petar

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Finally didn’t work well with the Space Layout nodes, I did it following the same idea and @Thomas_Mahon suggestion:

Here’s another one: