Can we do anything new with Revit 2019?

This blog post mentions “API for precast automation.”

Mr. Tammik did not have fun upgrading the API Samples.

I’m not seeing anything else written about the 2019 API.

What can new Dynamo powers may we expect to get with the emergence of Revit 2019?

API documentation always lay behind. Plus incremental releases have new API bits in them now too (see the materials update in 2018.1).

All good things come in time. :slight_smile:

If Jeremy complains… then something seriously is wrong :slight_smile:


Has anything new regarding Materials come from that in Dynamo, yet?

Anything in the Revit API can be accessed via python or zero touch nodes, so… yes.

That’s great. Who is going to step up and publish a tool using the new API functionality?

Feel free to do so. :wink:

I’m not quite clever enough to divine the API clues that I’ve seen published.

Hi @truevis

You will find answer here:

Dynamo 2.0 and Revit 2019 are not compatible just yet. All keyboard inputs are disabled in R2019 so working in Dynamo 2.0 is not possible yet. If anything give 1.3 a try.