Can this be simplified

I have created these two scripts to complete the following task.

using a custom parameter that was created for pipe fittings and sheets called “Weld IN”

The first script to use is the Weld Inch Parameter.dyn. This script will populate either the diameter of the shop weld as a number into the Weld IN parameter or a standard 2" nominal weld inch into the pipe fitting if it has O-let in the name.

The second script will organize the lists of fittings that have the weld inch parameter filled out from the first script. They will be organized based upon a second parameter named spool tag. Sub-lists are added and then the sum is populated into the weld in parameter for the sheet. Our title block has the weld in label added to show the total weld inch for that spool. The only sheets that are currently populated must be part of an assembly as we use Sysque which utilizes assemblies for the fabrication drawings.

they seem to function correctly although they are new and still need tested on a larger scale. However if these are able to be simplified that would be great as I feel I really went the long way to accomplish this task.

weldintosheet.dyn (52.4 KB)
Weld Inch Parameter.dyn (29.6 KB)

i Had to modify this further after testing on a job with 190 seperate fabrication drawings and the addition of fish mouth take offs having another weld inch calculation. as well as some additional list filtering to account for human error during modeling.

obviously more complex now. perhaps it needs to be however i still feel as if im doing this the hard way.

Weld Inch Parameter.dyn (57.1 KB)
weldintosheet.dyn (94.8 KB)

Hi @rmcdonaldssmi ,

Could you please also upload some screenshots of your graph. Most people (including me) are too lazy to actually download and open your .dyn-files :slight_smile:



Sorry I was not in the office yesterday. Here are the images!

Hi @rmcdonaldssmi ,

You could simplify, however i dont see the need for this, your script is clear in what it is doing and works well. Simplifying would probably only make edits later on harder.

Thank you for taking the time to review this, I am very new to dynamo beyond extremely simple scripts.

I do not always know the best way to accomplish these scripts. But it seems I am improving.