Can I edit a dimension text field?

I’d like to be able to modify the text field top & bottom of a dimension. There doesn’t seem to be any OOTB nodes on this and after some searching I cant see any packages that have it. Am I right in getting the dimension elements or would they be under the text category?

It’s part of the dimension so it would be under that element. This is confirmed by looking at the API. The Dimension class has Above and Below properties for these values.

If you’re not finding any packages that already do this, then you’ll likely need to try Python.


OK so my problem I was using Revit 2020 & Dynamo 2.3. Trying it in Revit 2021 & Dynamo 2.6 has those as OOTB nodes.

That solves the problem thanks Nick & Alien

I need to learn Python.

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@Nick_Boyts suggested I should learn Python a couple of years ago.

One of the best things I ever did! Highly recommend!