Can families have identical names in 1 category?

Hi Everyone,

Just a high level questions here, no Dynamo needed…

Is it theoretically possible, in any way, to have:

  1. Two separate families sharing EXACTLY the same name in the same category
  2. Load family1 into family2 and have family1 exist as a type of family2? (sharing same parameters and mapping them together?

I doubt whether this is possible, I’m just trying to make 100% sure of it.

Thanks in advance!


It is possible with none shared families. (profiles by example)


It’s technically possible but it can cause issues when trying to modify those families independently.

Thanks for your reply, I am looking to do this with 3D geometry and not profiles though, so I don’t think this approach would work, but thank you

Hi Nick,
Thank you.
We have a system that we use post design which applies maps based on the family name, so it is just for mapping purposes…Would it be very complicated to apply question 1. above to a project? have two families with the same name?

You can’t have two of the same name loaded into the same document. In your second example the family document and a loaded family have the same name so it’s fine, but you still couldn’t have two families with the same name loaded into a single family document. Same goes for a project - they must be unique.

Ahh okay I understand. Thanks very much for clearing that up, was just wondering if there was some behind the scenes method to force families to have the same name, but it seemed unlikely.
Thanks again!