Can anyone help me? Vasari won't connect to the internet. What can I do?

Vasari won’t connect to the internet. What can I do?

If you are behind a proxy server (many offices are, might have to check in with your IT person) there is a known issue with sign-on:

The other possibility is your anti-virus software, sometimes the firewall capabilities will block applications from sending or receiving information via internet.

I have internet explorer 9 available. version 9.0.2.

I've unchecked both "display internet sites in compatibility view" and "display all websites in compatibility view". Yet i still can't access the internet on Vasari.

Any other suggestions?

If you open internet explorer, to "help"> about> it should display the version number of the browser

To turn off compatibility settings: tools> compatabilty settings > uncheck "display intranet sites in compatibilty view" and uncheck "display all websites in compatibility view"

Sorry I'm a little ignorant with computer questions.

I just bout a new laptop hp dv7-6135dx.

I'm using google chrome.

What are your machine specifications?

What Version of Internet Explorer are you running?

If you have "compatibilty settings" enabled in IE, try turning it off.