Camber Feedback Thread

Downloaded and deployed.
Will start to test all new features.
Love your hard work and effort!!

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Really appreciate the time spent on this!

What’s the idea/goal that’s driving you to develop the external file nodes to the degree that you have?

I think I’m just looking for some inspiration in this area more than anything else.

I recently used them to save each layer out as it’s own DWG for a list of drawings.


The main goal is to enable working with drawings besides the currently-open one. Others have used the nodes to develop model checking scripts that can analyze a whole folder of DWGs and check certain things without having to open each file. Another idea might be to batch import layouts from other drawings, like a template file for example. The ceiling is pretty high, so I just built out a few nodes to see what people came up with. If you have more ideas, let me know and I can look at adding more functionality! All of the new nodes under the External shelf for the v3.0.0 release were specific requests from others, which is great :+1:

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Did that work well for you? Any issues/thoughts/ideas?

Ah man this dimension node is gonna be cool (labeled all these at once)
Dimensions - Create for Line Segments v0.dyn (160.3 KB)


Cool stuff Kirk!

It worked EXCEEDINGLY well. Internally I’ll be using them as a reason to allow a variable document input on… we’ll ALL of the nodes (why else do they have a document input? Like really?)


I’d love to retire those nodes completely. They are essentially duplicates of the same nodes that run on the current DWG, so it just clutters up the library.


Hi @mzjensen ,

I saw that you added some nodes regarding setting and reading the Default Visibility of Layers in new Viewports which saves a lot of manual work! (And they work GREAT!)

I am now wondering if it’s also possible to set the Layer Visibility for already exisiting Viewports, , do you know if this is possible, or that there maybe is a way to do this with a workaround through the now already existing nodes?

PS: Just found out this morning that the Arkance Systems package just released including some nodes which do exactly this! Arkance Systems Node Library Feedback Thread - #2 by Daan


Hey @mzjensen!

I wanted to reach out and see if there are any nodes currently in the camber package for setting style overrides for pipe/pressure pipe crossings drawn in a profile view. Currently, setting these overrides manually is a somewhat annoying process because Civil 3D only allows you to set one at a time. Would be a nice little time saver to be able to set these overrides for a profile view using dynamo.


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@mzjensen - The question from @hestingjj is the same question that I have. The ability to set style overrides in a profile view would be incredibly useful!

PS - this package is AH-MAAAAZ-ING and is quickly becoming one of my favorite packages in Dynamo. Very nice work! :slight_smile: Thank you!!!

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@hestingjj @jason.kreger
Good idea - I’ll get to it as soon as I’m able.

You’re welcome my friend :slightly_smiling_face:
Appreciate the feedback! Keep sending ideas as you have them.


Do you plan to add a node at some point for shortest path through pressure network parts? The node you have to accomplish this for pipe network parts is great!

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Hi @mzjensen ,

I am getting the following error when trying to save an external document:

As seen in the screenshot I haven’t changed anything within the AutoCAD model.
I am using AutoCAD Civil3D v.2022.1.2 and Camber v.3.0.0.

PS: It seems like the ExternalDocument.SaveCopy node works correctly :smiley:

Hi @Daan,
Can you try it with the lock set to false?

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I’ll test that first thing tomorrow morning!
Thanks for the quick feedback

Hi @mzjensen ,

I have some some testing and it seems like loading an ExternalDocument with the lock set to True prevents my Civil3D/ Dynamo instance from ever saving that file through the ExternalDocument.Save node (even when disconnecting the input of the ExternalDocument.LoadFromFile node and then running that node with the lock set to False).

Switching to a Fresh Civil3D instance seems to work properly when the lock is never set to True.

Fresh Civil3D instance, ran on locked file:

Fresh Civil3D instance, ran on unlocked File:

Civil3D instance where I first ran on with locked on, then switched to locked off:

PS: The ExternalDocument.SaveCopy node always works for me, locking or unlocking doesn’t make a difference! :smiley:

@Daan I will look into this a bit more. What you describe is mostly in line with the intended behavior, although not fully. The locking functionality is important to have in order to prevent multiple users from potentially editing a DWG at the same time, much like AutoCAD does by forcing documents to be opened as read-only if they are already open in another session. I think the input description could be modified to clarify when Dynamo can edit and when other applications can edit.


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Just getting started here with Dynamo as of yesterday and I’ve got your package, Civil ToolKit as well as Arkance. Not entirely sure, but I think I’m pretty confused. I did setup one script to do something with my raw descriptions and parsing the list to show all unique elements of that point group. So then i figured I’ll get a little more adventurous. I’ve tried to set up a script to import layouts from one of my templates and needless to say, it’s not working. I’ve read through most of this thread and I’m pretty sure I’m mixing up the usage of Adesk nodes along with the Camber nodes. i’m too fresh to know why I’m getting errors. Does anyone have a sample of how to import a layout from an outside file/template?