Camber Feedback Thread

Hi @rgrainer,

Give this a try.


Works awesome. Great work Zachri. Excited to use this.

Thanks, that worked perfectly.
what you’ve done here is wonderous.


No problem!

@mzjensen I believe that PressureNetwork.PipeRuns node is getting the pipe runs in the order of their creation, so if I created for example two pipe runs, labeled as PR-01 & PR-02, and for a reason I deleted PR-01, and created it again. The node will get the network pipe runs as PR-02 following with PR-01. My question is that if any core node I can use to reorder the node output to follow the order of 01, 02, 03, etc., and not the order of creation.
The below screenshot can demonstrate what I am facing.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @Ahmed.Kamal.Moussa,

You should be able to get the names of the pipe runs and then use the List.SortByKey node to sort the runs by name.


Thank you a lot @mzjensen, you really a life saver. I am really appreciating and enjoying working with your package, especially Pressure Network Pipe Runs related nodes.

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You’re very welcome, @Ahmed.Kamal.Moussa!

Hi @mzjensen, first of all, thx for the amazing package. Are you planning on developing a node to set a label set to an alignment for a user-defined start and end station in the nearer future?

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Hi @paul_rehbein,

Sorry, I’m not following. Can you explain in a little more detail and maybe upload some screenshots of what you’re trying to do?

Hi @mzjensen, sorry for the delayed reply. Please see the screenshot attached. I would like to automatically set a “label set” (consisting of multiple label types) to multiple alignments at the same time, including the adjustment of the start and end stations if necessary. This would perfectly complement the end-to-end workflow of creating alignments and profiles automatically via Dynamo (using C3DToolkit).

Hi @paul_rehbein,

I think I can tackle 1 and 2, but number 3 is more work than it seems. I will evaluate if I have the time to implement it.

Note that you can add a label set when creating alignments via the Civil 3D Toolkit.