Calculation using Inputs

Dear Experts,
I need your suggestion. I am planing to prepare script to make some calculation according to user inputs. For example:
Calculation of Flow rate through pipe image

Inputs are:

  • Density of water
  • Cross section area
  • Water Velocity

Output is:

  • Mass Flow Rate.

I made some survey.
Using UI.MultipleInputForm nodes it is impossible to input integer or number. It only lets us to input string. Please help.

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You could convert the string to either a number or a float inside Dynamo, thus keep using UI.MultipleInputForm nodes?

Which Node convert String to Number. I could not find such node :frowning:

If you’re working with integers:

If not, you can split the string by e.g. a comma first and then use the same node on each set of value and use a little simple math to connect the final number, otherwise a few lines of Python can also do the job.

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Many Thanks Jonathan

String.ToNumber is ootb node found in Core>String