Calculation problem with CrossVectors, math or Revit?


So i am a little step forward with my columnheads. when they are roated anywhere, i can them set back that they are parallel to to the view:

with this simple CrossVector addition:

But I need this ( the orientation to the beam):

I checked also the angles, with different operatoros (f.e. 360 - x, x- y,…) but nothing worked:

(i checked it here, i have something to do like “close the gab”)

I think the angle with the CrossVector works with the ProjectOrientation not with the FamilyInstance, so what can i do ? I found issues regarding math… …create vector field from random to a direction.
Are there a other way to get my angles?



Have you tried getting the Facing Orientation from the Family Instance?

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i give it a try. so i can match the x and y values to transform to some kind of rotation

intresting is that my beams have random x,y coordinates

and my placed heads not!

have i to say something like : take value from intersecting beam?
or can i create a line between x and y from my VectorValues ?
and say get angle from intersecting line?
Or i start the CrossVectorThing again :confused:



There are still errors … :confused: