Calculating panels' slope?

Has anyone calculated the slope of a Curtain Panel? Probably the panel would be hosted in Sloped Glazing. Just wanted to ask first before re-inventing the wheel.

Is the formula simply ?

Calculate the angle of inclination (with respect to a direction/vector) and then convert
Here is a quick crude work flow…

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Maybe I misunderstand-but doesn’t using Vector.XAxis means that it only works if the curtain panel is perpendicular to X axis ?

In other words- if the panel is rotated about Z axis- the angle between the 2 vectors is incorrect


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That’s what I was thinking. I think we need to get an individual panel’s vector along its Height direction but horizontal. We can get its outline and then I suppose it’s the second line of its rectangle.

Yes, that wouldn’t be very accurate.
This might be better …

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Taking a clue from this statement, realized there is a simpler approach


yep, that does it

thanks Vikram

I had to subtract from 180 to get the correct angle

I have found that the formula to convert degrees to slope per foot is 12 * Math.Tan(a);