Calculate the area between polylines

Hello, I would like to calculate the area of ​​ceiling with two holes. I am a beginner with dynamo. What I get are three areas instead of the area that remains between the polylines. The result would have to be 12.82 m2. Thank you very much

Hello @cris,

As I can see you are entering one ceiling element as input. Revit automatically will deduct the area of your outer rectangle from the two inside. If you that what you want, then you can simply extract that parameter value for further usage.

Otherwise, please attach your Revit file or tell us what are you planning to use as input.

Thanks Mohamed, the problem is that there are lights on this ceiling and revit gives me a net area. I want to get the area with the sketch lines.

Thanks Marcel, but if I have a lot of ceilings? I would like to get the areas these ceilings with the sketch lines, and there are ceilings very different between them. I need groos area the all ceilings and I thought that with the sketch lines will be successful

Just pointing where you can find your answer:
Find out all you can about List@Level

Thanks Marcel, it´s very interesting for me. I´m a little lost with dynamo. If I have a ceiling without hole? And if I have ceiling with two solid parts? And If I have a celilings with multiples holes? Is possible calculate the gross area with a nodo? o convert this polylines in a solid element with yours hole…

This node might also help here:

Thanks Jacob, yesterday I tried this node but I need a different node because my problem is that I don’t know what I can do to make that dynamo identify the area resulting from multiple polylines