C++ and Dynamo to Draw simple Plans layout

Hello Everyone ,

I have a design idea i am working on .

Its a C++ code, it takes a few inputs … and it use some logical restrictions to convert that input into possible combinations and architectural plans ,

like i input number of rooms and their functions and corridors and different spaces … and the code is designed with logic to give me the possible plans for my input .

that output is just numbers and simple … and i need it to be graphical layout … and actual drawning plan automatically ( very simple layout will work ) .

Any idea how i can approach this with Dynamo ? or any possible way … i would really appreciate it if someone can help me .


PS. I am a Beginner


Thanks a lot ,



Sounds interesting. What does the output numbers represent(what data, is it like area, does the numbers specify the location of each room and so on)?


Hi ,
any luck on this have you been to achieve what you were planning to do ?