Building on and Smoothing out a surface of a complex shape

Hi all, I’m having issues smoothing out a surface.

I’ve selected a face of a mass in RVT, I then used the offset node and now want to join these two surfaces organically. I managed to split the edges to create two points which can be joined with a 2 point arc. It seems like I get the essence of the idea but not aesthetically and technically what I’m looking for.

I now have issues joining the sides with the top and bottom seamlessly.
Is there any suggested mesh smooth workflows?

Should I revert back to the drawing board and see if I can create a sweep with and profile that connects the two surfaces? Is this possible?

I know its possible in the massing environment, but I would like to solve this in Dynamo.
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

See RVT base file and WIP Script below:
Dynamic Shape test_03.dyn (116.9 KB)
SurfaceMass.rvt (696 KB)

Try Surface.Thicken as one solution. It may take a bit to finish, but I think your geometry is valid for it. Use the one with a “both sides” input and work from inside to outside for best results.

Another would be to take the isocurves of the surface and use that to sweep a rectangle along the edge.

When done the Solid.FilletEdges could make for a nice eased radius on the opening as well.

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