BSpline Curve Not Implemented

I have a series of curves, which l have joined, then divided equally, however, the required structural framing to be placed returns BSplineCurve not implemented.

Any help much appreciated.

Could you please drop relevant files here?

Kerbs by Topo Curves.dyn (42.3 KB)

Need Revit file as well.

Annoyingly the file is subject to N.D.A.

Similar topic was discussed here:

What’s the output you get at Curve.SplitByPoints gives you?

That is where l receive the error message, BSpline curve not implemented.

Just a guess: Standard structural framing cannot be placed on a Nurbs Curve. You need to convert to a planar curve or use an adaptive component. Specifically these parts are where I would look to resolve this:


Accordingly we can’t confirm if you can’t share relevant files.

I shall look at that.