Bridge design using dynabridge project base point

I am trying to use Dynabridge package for steel bridges. I could create a girder for bridge with the excel data that had just X, Y, Z coordinates data. But the problem is that the alignment always starts from the project base point considering the first point as 0,0,0. as there are more that one girders in the bridge I don’t want my project base point to move.

I am new for using dynamo and I am not a programmer. can anyone help please?

You could translate your inserting points into one direction like that:

thanx for your help. I managed to solve the problem by editing read from alignment script. The project base point element was starting from the first item of the list, so I changed it to 0,0,0.

well thanx anyway.

Dear kamnle-mangesh, which version of Dynamo and Revit are you using?
I am using 2019, 2020 and 2021 Revit and tried versions of Dynamo 006 - 008, none contain the note ++translate project coordinates++ as shown in Andrzejs videos, and input is invalid.
Any tips on how to make this plug-in applicable to newer Revit version?