Brick Dim Check

Hi all,

I’m a complete novice at Dynamo and have only just started picking it up. I found a useful script on Github which would check brick dims and pop up a window with recommendations etc. Super useful! The only problem is the script is 3 years old, i’ve tried contacting the creator but it’s a bit of a long shot.
This is the link to the original forum and download file: Origin

So, i’m having a few issues with the script. I’m not sure if it’s to do with my version of dynamo and/or packages. I have Dynamo ver. andthe packages i’m using are DataShapes: 2022.2.96 and Rhythm 2021.7.3.

When I run the script I get a couple of warnings alongside 3 system notifications ‘System.IO.FileLoadException’

Has anybody got an idea what the problem might be? when i run the script, the windows pop up and it allows me to select the dimension, however the second window appears blank. Leaving the dimensions as invalid.

Apologies i’m not very informed into the workings Dynamo but i’m working on it.
(i’ve tried to upload some reference images but it won’t allow, as i’m a new member?)

Many thanks