Break then continue a running script

I have a list of lists that I am creating geometry from where each sublist creates a piece of geometry. The nature of the lists has made this quite reliable, but sometimes because of the way the data is digitised there is a problem with that causes the error.

I have been struggling to identify which piece of geometry causes the error and was wondering if there was a way to break and continue the process at each piece of geometry creation so I could identify which list caused the error.

Maybe you have Nulls where creation fails? Check IsNull and filter your list.

Insert a List.GetItemAtIndex node beforehand, and wire an integer slider into the index, or use a range to get a collection, something like n*10..n*10+10; and wire the integer slider into that.

This won’t let you continue processing the full list, but it will allow you to fairly quickly identify the issue so you can address the edge case.

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Thank you Jacob, I like that, it’ll do exactly what I want.

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