Bracing extrude at points

Hi Dynamo friends, I am striving to extrude an profile to list of lines and list of points I tried to set up planes at the points which are going to centered at the points. Mainly i want to create and extrusion or sweep through a list of lines which constitute my surface. I managed to create list of points as well. Could you please help me to solve this simple struggle.

Hi @Artist ,
here’s a suggestion :

cs = curves.CoordinateSystemAtParameter(0);
contcs = profile.ContextCoordinateSystem;
tp = profile.Transform(contcs,cs);

Hi, thanks it definitely works.
I re- created the script and it is working smooth creating a very clean surface with members.
Fantastic Job !

Hi. Just a quick question is why the script for the profile is not working with rectangle or circle?
I tried to sweep an circular profile but no success.
do you know what is the reason?