Boolean difference quality?


Hello, i’m testing for making of panel(5 cylinders cut out in rectangle panel)

how improve boolean quality for solids? or maybe i’m doing something wrong? dyn project(0.7.6v) here - xpanel1


Yeah i got it by another way



Cool stuff, i will polish my experience with dynamo. I’m newbie


What you were probably looking for is the node Solid.DifferenceAll. In your original file, you had Solid.Difference, which when used with one solid with multiple “tools,” or solids to be used for subtraction, you will get multiple results. You really wanted one result.


The quality was perfectly good in all cases, too, even if it looked messy–what you were seeing is called z-fighting, which is when multiple surfaces are coincident and the rendering engine has trouble deciding which to draw first.


Hello Colin, thank you. Yes it works. I did not try it