Books on Computational Design?

Hey all,

Do you have any recommended books/articles on computational design? I am looking for more books about the principles or theories, rather than tutorials/how-to guides.

I am an architecture student, and I am really interested in learning more about computational design. I am an intern at a firm where I have created multiple graphs to automate our Revit workflows and I am interested in pursuing more of this.

Thank you for reading this.

I don’t know about books - but Arch Daily tends to have a few interesting reads (case & point below :slight_smile: ). I’ll be interested to see what others suggest!

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Thank you for the suggestion @Alisonshearer I will check it out!

Thank you for the suggestion. But I’m really looking to see if anyone has any personal recommendations rather than a generic google search.

if you’re looking for something more academic, be sure to investigate the numerous academic journals that exist. Your university should have free access to these.