Blocks multiple insertion points - Question on Wall Height flexibility

I would like to have the communitie’s suggestion on one of the issue issues that we are facing for Multi-Family projects.

The premise is as follows -

  1. A multi-family unit has numerous units on a single level as well as in various levels. Say there is one unit called X1.1 which is situated at multiple places over a single level and also multiple times in various levels.
  2. Currently we make these unit types made as blocks with walls, doors and all furniture placements. From this we make the unit plan sheets and interior elevation sheets.
    We also manually pull this unit into floor plans and place it where ever required.

Problems encountered in this scenario for Floor Plans -

  1. Heights of the Interior & exterior walls - As this unit X1.1 is a block, when we place this in floor plans, the interior and exterior walls heights are already set in the block - so when this fixed wall height encounters various level heights on different floors, the walls of the block either fall short or exceed slab heights.
    Can we have a flow in dynamo in which units created as blocks adjusts to the different slab heights in which they are thrown at?

Thanks for any inputs/ideas you guys may have.