BIMone. RequestedError Requested entity was not found

Hello there!
After successful authorizing I have the following issue. Maybe relating to spreadsheeetID… Any thoughts?
Thank you

The output of ‘GoogleAPI.GetGoogleSheetsinGoogleDrive’ doesnt have any valid results.
(No sheets found) which is why you’re getting errors upstream.
Are you sure the filter is typed correctly?

@andy.leong thanks for your comment.
No, I am not sure about filter. What should I type there?

I meant to say check the spelling in your string filter is exactly the same as the google sheet you’re trying to access in your google drive.


@andy.leong you are right. Thanks

indeed, you are right, the filter works like a regular search. Meaning it will return all spreadsheet containing the text you input, so beware if you enter a filter super simple like “a” it will return all spreadsheets containing “a”

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