BIMOne.GoogleSheets package. Get.GoogleSheetsInGoogleDrive operation failed

I tried but it did not help

Thank you @mete.boncukcu, @vincent.cadoret and @Michael_Kirschner2

I created a new project and renamed my file (in Step as “credentials” only.


Hi all,

i am also trying to use the BIMOne package but somehow i couldn´t get the authorization to work for me, i don´t know where can be the issue.
I followed the steps in the, created credentials.json (even tryied to rename it to credentials but then, it was not working at all)
So i got even to the authorization screen like this:

i allowed it, then got this on my web browser:

But the node is giving me error:
When i try to re-run the node it will prompt me to the same authorization screen, but when trying for the second time, it won´t give me the “recieved verification code. You may now close this window” window in browser. It will fail to load a page.

When i check under the google account for the apps with acount access i don´t see my google api app (revit_google sheets) there:

My Oauth consent screen is set up as follow:

Under the test users i added the email adress of the google account i am using to create the Google API console project (and which google drive i want to get to)

Any help will be highly appreciated !