Beginner problems

I'm new to both Revit and Vesari and I have a few questions about what is the best way to do things and how to solve a few problems.

Firstly I am having problems setting the work plane, whenever I have a work plane set and then click a edge or vertices of a form a new work plane is set. This can be really annoying, why is it doing this and what is the best way around it?

Also I'm wanting to make triangular shapes which Vesari doesn't seem to like. For example I want to make a three sided pyramid, the only way I can figure out how to do this is to draw it with lines and then create a form for each face, which does work. The problem is if I want to change the shape of the pyramid I have to move each face individually. Is it possible to group the faces together so if I move the corner of one face the connecting corner of the adjacent faces move as well, or should I be doing this in a completely different way.


yes, that is a good way if you don’t care about the tiny flat top. have fun!

Thanks so much for that. That link is very handy. I'm guessing voids are used quite a bit to create shapes.

I've found another potential solution. If I just make a base and then make a tiny tiny line above it I can make a pyramid shape (with a tiny tiny flat top) which will suffice my needs.

Thanks for the feedback on the workplane issues. I see what you mean and agree that it is annoying. We'll consider this feedback going forward.

Here is a good video about how to make a pyramid: