Batch Renaming Filled Regions in Families

I am trying to batch rename filled regions in detail families in a project based on their properties (see image below). Everything seems to be working except for the element.setname node is not updating the filled region name with the inputted string. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make this work?


Better image…


You’re performing actions on stuff that lives in the family files while inside the project environment - you’ll need a way to edit the families in the family environment and then load them back into the project. Look for nodes which contain a ‘document’ input as well.

I think I am using the correct input nodes though since I have been able to batch change the filled region properties (color) in detail item families with a very similar node configuration, it just now I want to update the element name and that where this problem comes up.

Did you ever solve this? If so I would be grateful for the script