Batch link multiple DWG files


Hi all,

I’ve found a few posts on this but none of them had replies (CAD/DWG Linking)

I’ve been able to link multiple .rvt files but I was wondering if it is possible to link also .dwg files. I have quite a few of them and I’d happily avoid doing it manually!

Here is my graph now. I’m using Dynamo 1.3 on Revit 2017

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Creat link DWG file and IFC file

So, are you getting any errors? Or are you just not seeing all of the Links? Your post does not make it so clear.



Hi @Tom_Kunsman ,

Sorry if it wasn’t clear.

With that script I’ve been able to successfully link all the .ect models.
What it’s not working is linking the .dwg

What the graph does is taking all the files in a certain folder and filter just the Revit and cad files and it then links (or tries to link them) in the model. This process works with the Revit files to link but not he cad ones.
It doesn’t show any error message. It just doesn’t link the files!

Any solution / workaround?




have you seen this



Hi @4bimfercesp ,

Yes I’ve actually seen that post but I wasn’t sure that could be helpful in my case…from my understanding that should work for linking 2D drawings in specific views right?

What I want to achieve is linking 3D cad models into the Revit file, so not specifically related to a view. Would it be the same thing?



Not really sure if you can. If its 3d dwg i doubt it. Maybe someone in the forum is more experience or know if 3D dwg is possible to link.

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I just tried that script from @Konrad_K_Sobon and it actually looks like it’s not working in this case:
The Python script doesn’t give any error in itself and it actually links the dwg in the file but then you don’t see the actual 3D object that is in the CAD model. The only thing you have to do is to run the Dynamo Graph from a Floor Plan view (if, like me, you run it with the active view inputting the Python script) as otherwise Python complains saying it can’t do that from a 3D view.
Here is the graph I’m using (in the Python node I just copied Konrad’s script)

The thing that I don’t really understand is that if you go in Manage Links you see the file correctly linked

But if you go in the Visibility/Graphics of the 3D view you see the same link but with the name “Import in Families”

Do you guys understand this?



Could You please export your script to a dyn file and post it here, so I can try it?
Thank You inadvance!



I know this response is late but couldn’t you just create an autocad master file and xref “attach” the files into it then link that master into revit. That should pass all the files into Revit and keep the amount of files in your CAD links to a minimum. Then you could just schedule a script to open and save that master file every night or what ever frequency you want to refresh the content xref content.



Hi, andreatas! I’m looking for a way for link multiple .rvt files. But I don’t know how to get your “Document.addlink”
package in your picture.
Could you tell me how pls?
Thank you so much!



Try this addin