Batch Get Built In Parameters of many .rfa document located in a folder

Hi, I have a problem.
I try to get built_in parameters of many .rfa documents that are located in a folder (the objective is to extract those parameters to an excel in order to list all my objetcs)
I Know how to do with Orchidand instance (because get value is made for “family document”) but don’t succed with Built-In parameters.
Someone has an idea?

Thank you

Please share what you have to this point and we will be more able to help you.

Here It is.
I know that my node “Get Built-In Parameter” cannot accept Document as input but I don’t know how to do for havng as input “Revit Document” (a list) and using Get Built-in PArameter.
Thank you for helping .


Maybe this helps.

This is nice but it Does not help. I know what parameter I want to get, the problem is What node I must use to get it from rfa files and NOT from Project rvt files