Batch export from Revit to IFC

Looks like this issue is the same as this!?

Therefore the same possible solution…
AutoIFCexport.dyn (101.3 KB)

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i’ve tried this in dynamo 1.3 with the node as above but i’ve a couple of warnings.
Can you maybe help me with this?



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hi, Alban
your graph works fine but its I am facing one issue

please check the attached file for your reference… After exporting to IFC using this grah the view is not I expect.

Thank you

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Which reference file ?
It is working as expected for me :

Thank you for your reply,
But still i am getting same problem. If u don’t mine can you check with my revit file. Below provided link.


This has nothing to do with the custom node but with the Revit IFC exporter engine.
This is the best I can do with the IFC exporter in Revit :

It cuts half of the floors.

You can post the issue to Autodesk here :

okay thank you for your help @Alban_de_Chasteigner


I want to Batch export the Revit project file (.RVT) to IFC. I tried as per the screenshots. But I couldn’t find these 2 nodes.

  1. Get 3D views from document.
  2. Export IFC from document.

Please guide me on which package I need to download.

You will find these nodes in the Genius Loci package.

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Thanks @Alban_de_Chasteigner ,

I downloaded the Genius Loci package and fetched it for these nodes. still, I am unable to find them.

  1. Get 3D views from document.
  2. Export IFC from document.

Can you please upload the snapshot from your screen to find them?

Thanks so much for your help!

The names of the nodes have changed a bit

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Thanks @Alban_de_Chasteigner for your swift response

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Hi @Alban_de_Chasteigner

i try to cretae the script i have more than 11 models in the folder having same exporting view name I try to convert to IFC but I am getting the same error can you suggest how I can change it


An example to export several views from a document :

Another example with several documents :

Hi @Alban_de_Chasteigner

Thank you so much its worked perfectly thanks for your time

Hi, I have two quesitons about the “IFCversion” input from “Export IFC” node (Genius Loci plugin).

options.FileVersion = IFCVersion.IFC4

What is the meaning of this code? Is it means that python wants to connect to the revit function "Exporter IFC - setup - IFC4 " ? But there are two setup related to IFC4.

Another question. if I have two customized setup in .json format, is it possible to send them to “Export IFC” directly? Or I can put it in revit file folder together with these 9 default setup ? So I can add the customized setup into the code, so as to provide the additional input

if fileversion == “EXPORT_IFC_DE_BASE”:
options.FileVersion = IFCVersion.EXPORT_IFC_DE_BASE

Currently, one of the solution I’ve found is recreate the revit Exporter IFC setup with Orchid plugin.

Hi Congzheng,

The Export IFC node uses the options avalaible through the Revit API, not the options of the custom IFC Exporter addin.

To use your custom setup, you have to call the Autodesk.IFC.Export.UI.dll (C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Revit 2021\AddIns\Autodesk.IFC.Export.UI) and modify the Export IFC script.

Let us know if it works and if the Export IFC node can be improved.

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Thanks for your answer and advice. Since I am a beginner, it takes me 2 hours to get enough courage to read the python definition :wink:
I just add some additional options, will test if it’s working tomorrow.

options.AddOption(“FileVersionDescription”, “IFC 2x3 Coordination View 2.0”);

Here is another question if I don’t bother you too much.
How did you call the Autodesk.IFC.Export.UI.dll ? Because I didn’t find this script in your “Export IFC” node. Maybe because I don’t understand enough how each sentence works.

As I understand, in the current “Export IFC” node, users may be able to define some of the common setup , the other parameters will keep the same setting in the script (maybe they are not important at all).
So if my colleague give me the .json setup for Export IFC, I will need to recreate the same setup in python script, then this Dynamo Batch Export IFC script will work for this project. It is already very efficient compare to the Export IFC manually.
It could be more convient for the general Dynamo user, if “Export IFC” input don’t ask for setup parameters, instead, a .json setup file. Since .json has all the required settings.
here is a .json file. Please remove the .rvt
Configuration IFC - EXPORT_IFC_DE_BASE - Copie.json.rvt (1.3 KB)