Batch convert DWG Blocks/Cells to Detail Components

Hi Hivemind,

Has anyone looked at batch converting their office’s DWG block/Cell library to Revit Detail Components with Dynamo?

Seems like an ideal task for Dynamo.


Back when I was practicing I did. Not too hard to do most automation but some things can be painful. Dimensioning back then was a big pain but more accessible now. Give it a shot and let us know where you get.

Any luck with this, I have 100s of cad entourage and tree ACAD blocks and i want to create detail items from them. it would be great if i can import the block turn the linetype to match a revit linestyle (maybe by color or plot style) and create detail component. I tried to use the import dwg node from genius loci package or the linkdwg2 package, but am not familiar with nodes and am getting null values.

Hi, no unfortunately. In the end the teams have now created so many Detail Items for various projects we’ve populated out library with those…

What difficulties did you encountered in importing DWGs?
Here is an example :