Automatically create viewpoints Error in Revit 2020

I found this graph from 2015 that creates viewpoints from rooms. By searching this forum I was able to find a way to make it work in Revit 2018 by using the “Element.Level” node from Clockwork, (This graph also uses the “lunchbox” package) and it works perfectly in Revit 2018. When I tried running it in Revit 2020, it gets all the way to the end and then gives me the error message shown below. It still creates the views, but at 0’-0" for eye and target. One thing I noticed is that in 2018, the properties dialog show the eye and target as editable, and in 2020 the eye and target are grayed out. I’m assuming the error message is a result of the parameters being grayed out, any ideas? Thanks

This thread may help you narrow down the source of the errors. Have you tried running this on any other models in Revit 2020?

I read through the thread you linked. The model I’m testing this on is just a mock-up of four rooms straight from the Arch template in Revit, without any links, and the eye and target are both end up at 0’-0", instead of 6’-0". If I manually create a 3D view, the eye and target aren’t grayed out, only the views created by this. I tried a different model in 2020 and get the same error.


I’ve narrowed it down to the “PerspectiveView.ByEyePointAndTarget” node. If I remove the wires leading to the Set Parameter node, it still creates views with the eye and target grayed out. I did a test using a different node, creating Axonometric views instead, and it created those with no errors, but I can’t use those views for the intended use, which is saved viewpoints in Navisworks.

Does this give anyone any other ideas? Thanks