Automatic fill properties

Hi there!

I’m really new in the dynamo world, and I need some help. I would like to fill some elements properties, and I would like to do it automaticlly. For instance each element in my model has to have the correct nomenclature to localize the element: those are: zone, type, axis, position, rank, elevation, xyz and room.

The Zone, Type, Rank, Elevation, XYZ I think might be easy to get. What I’m really concerned about is the axis and position, they are actually two directions of grids. My idea is to make a graph for each property, get an excel file and rewrite on each property taking from another cells information (like the XYZ concadenating those values into a cell, the elevation taking the upper point, the rank with the level, etc) and write back the model. But I can’t see how to do that with the grids. Anyone has an idea of how to do that?

I atach a simple sample of a model in which I’m testing!

Thanks a lot in advance!