Automatic dimension with a link

hello everyone,

I’m facing a problem with my dynamo. I want to create auto-dimensions from reservations to the closest wall.

It’s working when walls and reservations are in the same file :

But when walls are in a link file, it’s not working anymore :

dynamo for wall in the same file : cotes auto_double_ancrage.dyn (199.3 KB)
dynamo for wall in a link file : cotes auto_double_ancrage-lien.dyn (207.5 KB)

Do you have an idea where the problem could come from ?

I think this may solve your problem:

For Dimensions related tasks you can always refer Genius Loci package for better results
thanks have a nice day

thank you for your reply. I tried this method but I get the same result

I’m already using Genuis loci Package for my script

it requires a reference
have a look at this topic

It’s totally possible to dimension voids and linked walls.
Here is a quick example :

cotes auto_Reservations et voiles liés.dyn (40.2 KB)