Automated Family placement from CMDB information

Dear collegues,
our IT department has now developed a fairly large CMDB containing server hostnames, hardware types, room numbers, rack numbers etc.

I have already manually modelled these hardware types into Revit, and for EXISTING locations, I would like to do the following:

  1. draw a server room layout incldung racks with the real names
  2. use the CMDB text entries to autoamtically load the racks with equipment from loaded familes

for NEW locations:

  1. draw all aspects of the server room infrastructure includiung racks, hardware, electrical systems etc
  2. export this info via Dynamo into our CMDB

I am not expecting a 100% ready solution from you guys, but i know a lot of scripting is problably needed, but this is where i have absolutely no experience. can anyone tell me what steps i need to take, and then i can learn myself.


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