Automated creation of Area boundary: calling the same dynamo block for every level

This topic has been discussed here, and more.
the question is more related to understand the Dynamo workings deeper.
It seems to me that everytime I have to repeat a “series of nodes” for one thing, I cannot repeat or automatically recal the same block.
This time is the level.

I can create are boundary for each level, filtering the wall list by levels.
Since the levels are finitre (say 3 levels) i would like to repeat the same block for each level,without
the need to copy the same block 3 times, each for each level.
The nex project will likly to have a different amount of levels.
So I am wondering if a list.cycle node could help in this.
In the screenshot, this is what it looks like.
I would love to use the greenblock to feed the dynamo definition where now I have manually slect the levels, each by each…
A next step would be also prepare plane views and feed their name to the “AreaSeparator.fromCurve” node.

You need to work out the lacing and list levels to make Hong’s work like that. It’s not a matter of duplicating each node and altering the selection but of grabbing everything at once and managing your lists to combine elements by the common function which you want to drive the functions. List.Map and List.Cycle nodes are making things more complicated for you then need be on that end. Sometimes after doing it once it requires going back to step 1 and progressing slowly forward.

One other thing of note: Grouping the walls by level would be be better start towards that end. The first output would be a list of walls on each level. The second output would be a list of all levels. These two values would perfectly align. No concern with additional Boolean filters or element names or the like. That list of levels could even serve to select the area plans of a given type by their level and to generate the sketch planes.

thanks. I will work on your suggestions .

I did a bit of improvement, following suggestions above.
Despite that, it does not write every wall, boundary but only those of the first level. It does not maybe my way of reading correctly.

CreateAllAreaPlasn&AreaBoundariestogether.dyn (36.1 KB)

I found an error in that block I underlined before.(I wrote 1 thinking as a step, but it is the number of times). There is a logic approach that need to be fixed I guess.

now I can write all the boundaries of the Areas but they do not go on the right area plan. So it should be the Are plan calling for the walls boundaries, not the opposite way. I have to postpone the solution, suddenly busy on other issues.