Auto join All the elements structural cut architecture

Please help me auto join All the elements structural cut architecture (in Dynamo)

Thank you so much

the package zhukoven has a allowjoin wall node.
and that node can you use to alter it
for example allow or disallow join structural framing (just adjust the Phython code in it)

but what do you exactly want to accomplish?

Thanks for the answer
Please I want when project the architectural on the structural , The elements all architectural must be cut off

Can you show a picture. Off what you want to accomplish
I don’t understand exactly what you want to do

do you want to
join all structural walls
dissallow all architectural walls?

I want continues the columns and beams and walls structural

if i understand correctly
you want for example that the orange wall on the left side is split in 6 walls and is placed between the collums and beams.
is that correct?

Yes, that’s what I want and beams
Sorry for English because I do not speak it

English is also not mine native language :smile:

for as far as i know you can not split walls with dynamo (jet)
Beam can be split

for a start:
1 get the underlying line of the wall (nodes: select element and clockwork node Element.Location+)
2 get the columns and there coordinates
with these coordinates and the coordinates of the wall line you can get the coordinates for the new lines

3 make with dynamo curves from column to column
4 delete the Original wall
5 use for example the node wall.bycurveand height to create new walls from column to column.

thank you very much

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