Auto dimension Levels

I have seen many renditions of auto dimension for grids, columns, walls, but not for levels:

Any way to quickly dimension levels in views.

Thanks in advance

It should be the same as the other categories. What have you tried so far?

I have tried this work around but to no avail:

Look at your errors. What do they say?
Flatten expects a list and a reducing value, it does not create a list for you. I also think the line input refers to the location of the dimension. Try to recreate an existing example of the other categories to see what your inputs are supposed to be.

and if i want to create a string dimension to all levels ?
there must be an easier way then Levels.node.

All Elements of Category.

I suggest you go through the Primer and get familiar with the available nodes and basic functions. It will make things a lot easier.

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Hi @Tim

Flatten is old method which is used in 1.3x, use DSCore.List.Flatten in 2.x and also Levels doesn’t have Curve. If you want to draw a line on level you can do this way:

Much appreciated guys, but still cant get it to work:

list = List
(a,b) = ([a,b])