Authentication using Dynaweb

Hello, there!
I am trying to make authentication by sending a webrequest to the… (as it is written in the documentation, pic#1),
but the authentication window does not pop up to proceed with getting an access token.

I will appreciate your help with this issue.

I hope this recording will help understand the issue.

0:17 - I do not see this window with selecting the workspace after running the script in Dynamo.


Paging @Radu_Gidei.

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hey guys, some notes :

The bad news : OAuth 2.0 flow

  • the OAuth2 flow you’re trying to go through requires having a server listening for that callback from clickup
  • in the video, that callback looks to point to a random Github repository URL, you’d need to specify a server address where your app is waiting
  • regardless, DynaWeb can issue but NOT listen for incoming requests
  • whilst it’s technically possible to make it do this (see DynaServer as an example) there are many issues with running this inside Revit, so I won’t be pursuing this any time soon.
  • even if you did this, OAuth2 tokens expire very quickly, so you’d need to keep refreshing them

The good news : access tokens

  • ClickUp API accepts authentication using personal access tokens, see
  • ClickUp (rightly) recommends OAuth2 as it’s a more secure scheme, but this will work
  • get a personal access token from ClickUp
  • use that in the web request by adding a header with name Authentication and value Bearer YOUR_TOKEN_HERE (I’m guessing here, look at their API docs).
  • this is super-simply to do in DynaWeb, have a look at the Google Sheets or Forge samples as an example of it

Hope this helps.

@Radu_Gidei and @Wayne_Patrick_Dalton thanks for your comments.